Third gender people seek the right to live with dignity

Rupandehi, June 3 : Sexual and gender minorities have complained that they are facing multiple problems as their identity is yet to be accepted by their families and society. At an interaction programme on the “rights of sexual and gender minorities” organised today in Butwal by the National Human Rights Commission ( NHRC), the people representing the ‘special’ group said they were excluded from home and society for having different sexual and gender orientation and their denial to adjust themselves into the sex/gender identities prescribed by the society.

As they share, they feel discrimination in every moment of life and everywhere whether it may be in government offices, other organisations, hospitals or public vehicles. “We have found that the heteronormative identities have been recognised by the society and other social institutions. But the identity of third gender is questioned, threatened and denied,” Awantika Ghartimagar, Pushpa Lama, Shishir Bhattarai and Resham Neupane, who want to categorise themselves as third gender, said univocally.

In an example of societal and family discrimination against third gender, they said they were expelled from the families just for being the third genders. Blue Diamond Society, Rupandeshi chair Aanik Rana urged the government to build a safe atmosphere for third gender people at home and in society. NHRC member Prakash Wasti said every citizen has the basic human right to live with dignity and no discrimination on the ground of gender and sexual minorities would be entertained.

But, people falling under the category of third gender have still no condition of exercising the right to citizenship, property and so on easily, according to him. NHRC state 5 chief Samjhana Sharma suggested that the sexual and gender minorities seek help of the NHRC if their rights to live with dignity are violated. “Family, the basic unity of society, is the first and most important institute for every child to socialize, and one will be compelled to come to the streets for their deprivation of family care, love, protection and bond.”

NHRC deputy director Pawan Kumar Bhatta asserted that every citizen has the basic human right to live with dignity, but de facto inequalities against the third gender were largely prevailed despite some de jure reforms. Advocate Baburam Pandey, Human Rights and Peace Society chair DP Khanal, and Non Government Federation, Rupandehi chair Rima BC, among others highlighted the need of public awareness at a greater scale to change the perception of the society towards third gender.(RSS)